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Celluloid Women!


t has now become a common practice to celebrate various days symbolizing something important to people across the world. In tune with this, the eighth day of the month of March finds the world celebrating the fairer sex! March 8th – The International Women’s Day is a day not just …

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1300 A legend passes on…


e have lost one of the greatest legends to have cranked a camera and also to have called out Lights… Camera… Action… Yes! I am indeed talking about the great Balu Mahendra! He can be termed a complete man of cinema in it’s truest form. Starting out a cinematographer, he …

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Irreparable losses!


he lows outnumber them by a lot, and will remain indelible in our hearts for a long time. Every industry has its ups and downs and the cinema industry is no exception to the same. By lows, I mean the loss(es) faced by Cinema, not monetarily but in a way …

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The Makers: Suppliers of Vitamin M!


he past month has been a very eventful one for almost all Indians, or should I say cricket lovers – for the Master Blaster has played his last game for the country… 24 years of wonderful gamesmanship has come to an end! An almost flawless journey – and Sachin Tendulkar’s …

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Real Lives on Reel…


here are many genres of movies and each person has his/her favourite among them… But, like it or not, biopics (as biographical movies are commonly known) is one genre that reaches many people and throws light on some unknown or rather not-much-known information on a person whom we know for …

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Cinema & Nostalgia


he 90s were my formative years when I transcended from being a child to a teenager. To me, the 90s was a time of school, play and of course, movies. It occurred to me just how many movies I saw while growing up – certainly not as many as I …

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Of Illustrious Masters and Students!

2010 Dr.BALACHANDER  Photo

would like to share a few words on the masters who have worked magic on celluloid for long and their illustrious students who have done their masters proud, and at times have also gone to the extent of overshadowing their masters. Talking of masters of Indian Cinema, the first… Of …

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