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Gateway for Assistant Directors

Actor Aari has started his own company named ‘AARIMUGAM’ – Gateway for Assistant Directors.

Excellent initiative, Aari says, “Sets of film loving youngsters are heading towards Chennai with a lot of dreams. But unfortunately, they are facing huge struggles to get an assitant director chance. Only after their long journey as AD, they get an opportunity to direct a film, that too after years. For those struggling youngsters, I have planned to give a chance for directing a film through my ‘AARIMUGAM’ Company.

Aari says, “I realized that I did not know to act… nobody even told me this… I took the tough route to sharpen myself… In today’s scenario, it is fairly easy for independent filmmakers in the industry, as they have the necessary to make a short film. But for people who are working as an AD here, it is a tough struggle at every level from getting a producer to listen to their script to getting the necessary equipment’s to make their film. Producers also are not aware as to who should they trust to invest. There is a gap here and I want to bridge that gap and that’s when this idea was born.

Aarimugam’s first initiative is to identify talents in all aspect of CINEMA industry; in this the very first target or an eye would be on Assistant Directors, next deal with other technicians… and till the end of room…:)

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