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Jallikattu in Japan

The filmmakers of Jallikattu 5-23 January 2017 have opened new horizons by taking the film to Japan. For the first of its kind the filmmakers today have signed a deal with the eminent Kurosawa studios headed by Legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa‘s daughter Kazuko Kurosawa in Japan.

The Kurosawa studios is an eminent name in the Japan film industry. Films such as Seven Samurai, Ran, Raphsody in August and several others are products of this studio.

Kazuko Kurosawa is a popular name in the Japanese film industry. She has worked with film makers who have gained international acclaim. She has directly worked with Akira Kurosawa, Takeshi Kitano and several others leading film makers. She worked as the costume designer for Zatoichi, Total outrage and several other films. The Kurosawa studio will associate itself with the film and will be the releasing the film in Japan territory. To quote Kazuko Kurosawa, her father Akira Kurosawa was a great admirer of India and was very fond of Sathyajit Ray’s films. She herself always loved India for its uniqueness and myriad of culture.

The Jallikattu movement created a stir in Japan as several gathered to show their support to the pride of the language,culture and soil. The selected members of the Kurosawa studio saw some footage of the film and were amazed at the enormity of the situation.

Jallikattu in Japan 2-The Auteur Jallikattu in Japan 3-The Auteur

The film is in its final stages of post production with a significant part of the Post production work taking place at Madras Talkies studio.

The film is directed by Santhosh with music by Ramesh Vinayakam and being produced by Nirupama and co-produced by Jayapal Natesan, from Washington , Guru Saravanan from Singapore and Murugesh Ganapathy from California who joined the team from different parts of the world.

For details contact
Santhosh +919840398958
Nirupama +919790468994

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