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Jallikattu now in Hong Kong

Jallikattu now in Hong Kong ( China )

The next destination for the  Tamil film Jallikattu 5-23rd Jan 2017 is Hong Kong. The film makers are launching the Chinese poster of the film in the same venue of the Umbrella movement, Admiralty square Hong Kong.

The Umbrella movement back in 2014 gained immense popularity and it was a civil disobedience movement that made the world notice the power of the youth. The protest which gathers momentum over 79 days between Sep28th to Dec 15th 2014 this was yet another anarchy uprising that brought about a change.

The director of JALLIKATTU 5-23rd 2017 Santhosh Gopal felt it was a tribute to the spirit of the people and the film’s Chinese poster will be launched at the same venue where the Umbrella movement took place. The admiralty square after the Umbrella movement is now popularly known as the Umbrella square and movie poster is launched here.

Jallikattu now in Hong Kong 2-The Auteur Jallikattu now in Hong Kong 3-The Auteur

The spirit of Jallikattu movement in marina beach has also gained great significance across the world for the anarchy protest and its strength to bring about the change the people wanted.

Previously the first look poster of the movie was launched in Wall street – New York, the epicenter of Occupy walls street movement. The journey of the Jallikattu 5-23rd Jan 2017 will be across the various places where the world witnessed the anarchy protest. The feature film is directed by Santhosh Gopal and Produced Nirupama of Ahimsa productions. The film is co produced by N Jayapal, Guru Saravanan and Ganapathy Murugesh. The music is composed Ramesh Vinayakam.

For further details contact

Santhosh (director) 9840398958
Nirupama ( Producer) 9790468994

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