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Reflections on Bollywood, Regional Cinema, National Media and more…

Does the name Sanchari Vijay ring a bell to anyone? Well, I’m sure it doesn’t. Does the name Kangana Ranaut ring a bell to anyone? Well, I’m sure it does. She is the girl who graced the front page of every newspaper, the girl who featured on the cover of a dozen magazines, the girl who appeared on every National and Regional TV news channel about a couple of weeks back. Endless debates and discussions were being held about her on national news channels. Journalists thronged her for interviews. She is the famous Bollywood actress who won the prestigious national award for “Best Actress”, for her extraordinary portrayal of a conservative Delhi girl who goes to Paris and Amsterdam after being ditched by her fiance on the day of their wedding.


Sanchari Vijay is the Kannada actor who won the national award for “best actor”, for his heart-wrenching portrayal of a Transgender in the Kannada film, “Naan Avanalla Avalu”. Yet, he did not appear on the cover pages of prestigious magazines. No front page articles were dedicated to his glory. The national media did not throng his house for interviews. No debates or discussions were held about him on national TV news channels. This scenario might seem strange and unfair to a few but for many, it appears to be perfectly normal.

Is the national media biased against regional cinema? Why didn’t Sanchari Vijay get as much attention as Kangana Ranaut. Why is the national media not giving enough coverage to regional cinema as much as it does to Hindi cinema. Will regional cinema ever get its due. These are questions that have been lingering in my mind for a long time now.

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