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Thoughts on the thriller film “Nibunan” starring Arjun

Arun Vaidyanathan’s Nibunan is a police procedural with a premise that has been done to death in Hollywood but is fairly new to Tamil cinema – a serial killer is on the loose and our protagonist DSP Ranjith Kalidoss played by Arjun takes it upon himself to find the notorious killer.

The opening of Nibunan is specifically designed and devoted to establishing the main lead Arjun’s flair for action in an elaborate shootout scene. Arjun goes about his job looking dapper in designer clothes. Varalakshmi and Prassana play his junior officers who assist him in finding out the serial killer. Varalakshmi is very impressive as a suave cop who’s reading crime novels all the time and she essays the role with effortless ease. Prassana also does a fairly good job playing a perfect foil for the studious Varalakshmi. Arun Vaidyanathan has fleshed out the buddy angle between Varalakshmi and Prassana in a perfectly engaging manner. Vaibhav plays a supporting character who has nothing much to do. The reason for casting Vaibhav in such a small role will make perfect sense only towards the end of the movie.

The cinematography by Aravind Krishna -the man who shot “Pudupettai” is noteworthy. The writing by Anand Raghav and Arun Vaidyanathan is also fairly engaging. The final reveal of who the serial killer is will surely take the audience by surprise. The director has given the film a very sleek and stylish treatment rather than making it more atmospheric. The music and background score by S.Navin deserves special mention. The background score works adequately heightening the suspense quotient in the film.

There is a particular scene in which Arjun learns that he has a disease called Parkinson’s. Arjun underplays his reaction on learning the news of his disease in such a fine manner that reminds us what a fine actor he is. This movie is surely a testament to Arjun’s nuanced acting skills. This movie might not be a revelation but it is definitely worth a watch. Go for it!

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