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Uttama Villain – though brilliant in flashes, does not satisfy the expectations it created.

When a team comprises legendary people like K. Balachander, K. Vishwanath, Kamal Haasan and some of the biggest names of the industry like Nasser, Ramesh Aravind, Urvashi with talented people like Ghibran, Andreah, Pooja Kumar and Parvathi to boot – the project is sure to raise quite a lot of expectations! This team has taken the world of Cinema and a leading star to be the base for their movie.

Manoranjan (Kamal Haasan) is a leading actor who is having a relatively life, or atleast that is how it seems. Manoranjan is diagnosed with brain tumor by his family doctor Aparna, who also happens to be his mistress. Knowing that he does not have long to live, Manoranjan goes to meet his director Margadharsi (K. Balachander) – his mentor, asking him to work in a movie together. However, Margadharsi and Manoranjan’s father-in-law Purnachandra Rao (K. Vishwanath) are not on good terms and the director refuses. After coming to know of Manoranjan’s health condition, Margadharsi agrees to make a movie with him. The movie is about a theatre artiste Uthaman who keeps cheating death.
Suddenly, Manoranjan comes across Jacob Zacheria (Jayaram), who reveals that his first love-interest Yamini had delivered his biological child Manonmani (Parvathi) about 25 years back and passed away. It looks like something had transpired 25 years ago, between Manoranjan’s wife Varalakshmi (Urvashi), her father and Manoranjan’s long-term personal assistant Chokku (MS Baskar), that made Yamini move away from Manoranjan. Manonmani is angry with her father and does not respect him. Just as Margadharsi completes shooting the movie with Manoranjan, his illness finally overcomes him and he gets admitted to the hospital. What was it that transpired in the past to separate Manoranjan and Yamini? How would Manoranjan’s illness affect him? How long will Manonmani be distant with her father? Watch Uttama Villain for all the answers…
The story of Uttama Villain has been penned by Kamal Haasan and who better to pen a story on an actor, than the thespian himself? Ramesh Aravind, who has handled the direction, could have given better care to the screenplay and the direction too. The extraordinary combination lead to expectations reaching sky high and that might be one of the reasons for the major sense of let-down when the output is not on par. The biggest shock for viwers comes in the form of the sub-standard CG work. However, bringing the long lost arts of Theyyam and Kootthu on to the big screens was a masterstroke. Kamal Haasan – the actor, is as usual, non-pareil. The way he eases through his roles as Uttaman and Manoranjan, makes it seem to be a cakewalk for him. With so many wonderful exponents of the art of acting coming together, it is no wonder that there could have been any slip in anybody’s performance and the pre-climax portions between Kamal and Nasser goes to show the extraordinary talents that these powerhouse performers possess. Just seeing Kamal Haasan and K. Balachander on screen and the way the late director made little work of his role – fittingly as a director, is amazing. However, despite there being a lot of individual works of brilliance, they fail to gel together and take the movie to expected levels and leave the audiences unsatisfied.
Uttama Villain – though brilliant in flashes, does not satisfy the expectations it created.
– Vicky

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