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Yatriika in this new music video

Yatriika is the brainchild of Nikita who’s ambition is to become a director. This sophomore year visual communication student has been persistently pursuing this project for the past one year. Debutante Vishali stars as Yatriika in this new music video. With her natural flare for acting Vaishali has infused clarity in bringing out Nikita’s vision on screen.

The cinematography of this music video is handled by Sriram Raghavan. This is Sriram’s third project as a cinematographer. Additionally Sriram has also worked in tons of commercials and corporate films. He has also worked as an associate cinematographer in many films. This album will be a testament to this talent. This music video has been shot extensively in the various nooks and corners of Chikmanglur.

Al Rubian is the music composer. His mesmerizing music is journeying though all languages.

Yatriika-The Auteur

This music video is being made simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Meticulous measures have been taken to write the lyrics in the respective languages and the songs will be rendered by a different singer in each language.

Yugabarathy has written the lyrics for the tamil version with Sakthishree Gopalan providing the vocals. The rap portion has been rendered by Lady Kash.

Siya Sri has designed the costumes and Subhaskar is the editor.

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